Cal Calsot is steeped in history, back in the 80s, when the farmers retired and the owners came back to live in the house, they did it with ecological and sustainability awareness. It was them who began piping and stocking rain water, heating water with solar energy; and started the organic veal farm.


When we presented our project to them, it was very well received and today Cal Calsot continues the journey with a new purpose, with new people at the head but maintaining the same philosophy, as it always has been for 200 years!

In 2010 we began the alterations to transform Cal Calsot into a responsible, sustainable, environmentally friendly rural accommodation and placing value on:

Networking with producers and craftsmen in the area, to promote local economy.

Proximity, seasonal, organic, healthy foods.

Using renewable energies to reduce power consumption and environmental pollution.

Preserving Cal Calsot’s architectural heritage, undertaking a refurbishing of the house that respected its architecture and the environment.

Respecting the natural heritage of our setting, by promoting environmentally friendly ecotourism activities, led by local guides who know the area like the back of their hand.

Looking after the environment by minimizing our impact and following the 5R model: “reuse, reduce, recover, recycle and residual management”.

You’ll enjoy the experience of living in an accommodation
where we strive to minimize our impact.
Will you help us achieve it?

Small gestures to reduce our environmental impact

  • Alterations that respected the building’s structure, restoring and whitewashing the original stone walls
  • Mineral paints and clean, healthy wood treatments
  • Natural materials like wood and stone; or wool, cotton, and flax for textiles
  • Biodegradable cork-sheet thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Green energy supply by Somenergia cooperative
  • Promoting public transportation. If you arrive by train, bus, or if you travel on foot, on horseback or cycling we offer a discount! (provided you book directly with us)
  • Collaboration with social integration business projects giving jobs to disadvantaged groups, such as Cooperativa Nougrapats’ laundry, in la Seu d’Urgell, or the textile company Teixidors, in Terrassa
  • Networking with several associations that share our values: Associació Agroalimentària de la Cerdanya, Fundación Ecoagroturismo; and Somenergia