Post Covid-19
Reopening Measures

After so many days indoors and behind screens, we are sure you are wishing to escape this routine, as a couple or alone, maybe you want to see your colleagues or family again.

How we longed for nature, those outdoor walks and disconnecting, treading the mountains, feeling the Sun’s warmth and fresh air…

As you know, in Cal Calsot we care for people as well as for our environment, this is why we offer a relaxing, sustainable; and healthy short break or holiday.

During this time of confinement
we have prepared for your return,
so you may enjoy a safe stay,
offering a trusted space for relaxation.

We reopen our doors

We plan to reopen our doors at the end of June, but as we are not the only ones involved in this decision-making process, if there are any last-minute changes you will be duly informed. If you have any doubts or want to make a reservation you may write an email to, or call 0034 973 515 369 Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 to 13:00 h and from 15:00 to 19:00 h.

Limited capacity accommodation

Ours is a small house, with a maximal capacity of 12 people, only 5 rooms, all of which are spacious, bright and with a private bathroom. If you wish to come with children, they must be aged 12 and above. That is to say, you will enjoy a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, without any crowds.

Natural surroundings

We are in Montellà, a small and peaceful mountain village, with less than 100 inhabitants, located at the foot of the Cadí mountain range, inside one of the lesser known areas in Cerdanya and the Pyrenees, called Baridà. A natural setting that will be beneficial for your health, ideal for you to disconnect, reconnect with yourself; and enjoy the mountains…

What will we do for you?



Before you get here, we will contact you in order to confirm your time of arrival, this way we can avoid everyone getting here at the same time.

In order to avoid manipulating ID cards, you may check-in on-line on the day before the beginning of your stay, filling your personal data in a form we will send to your email address.

If you forget your face mask we will have some available for sale.

Healthy, environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection system

We use a new disinfection system based on water and ozone, which eliminates 99 % of germs and bacteria, and is not harmful for human health. It avoids cutaneous allergy and is ideal for atopic skin. It is also indicated for patients presenting Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Furthermore, it is ecologic because we only use clean products and avoid plastic packaging.

We follow strict cleaning protocols for extra safety. We have increased the disinfection frequency for common and private areas, and particularly for frequently used items such as door and window knobs, electric switches, room keys, banisters, and etcetera.

We will place several ozonized water pulverisers for hand washing in common areas and, for your comfort, another one will be available in each room, which you may refill as many times as necessary during your stay.


Common spaces

The living room will be completely shut down and we shall use this space solely as a dining room.

The dining room is fitted with a large table (4 m length), aiming to maintain a safety distance we have organized three different shifts, both for breakfasts as well as dinners, so there will only be 4 people eating at the same time, each one sitting at one of the table’s corners.

Taking advantage of the mild weather, if you would rather have breakfast outside you may do so in the garden, either on the porch or under the linden’s shadow, while you enjoy the birds’ song.


The rooms are spacious, bright, and rationally designed, they transmit peace because there is only the essential. All of them have a private bathroom.

For your comfort, an ozonized water pulveriser will be available in every room, which you may use as often as you wish. You may refill it as many times as needed, but will have to return it at the end of your stay.

Before your arrival, we will perform a thorough cleaning, as we always have done but adding the ozonized water disinfection system. If you prefer that we do not enter your room during the stay, you only need to notify us.


If you plan on going hiking and spend the day in the nature you may order an eco-picnic with zero waste, returnable and reusable, packaging. We have replaced our paper menus with a blackboard on which you will find the daily dinner menu, eco-picnic options, as well as drinks.


Breakfast: 8.15h, 9.00h, and 9.45h.
20.00h and 21.00h.

What will you need to do?


For everyone’s safety and peace of mind, you will need to maintain a safety distance of two metres with the other guests and with ourselves.

You will need to bring a face mask and wear it indoors, except in your room.


We will require you to bring a different set of footwear, and wear it exclusively inside the house.

You will need to wash your hands frequently.


We kindly ask you, in order to help us organizing, to be punctual and respect the meal shifts.

The information we submitted to you
is likely to change over time
and according to the Government
and Health authorities.


We will make bookings and payments easier through our web page, via credit card or bank transfer, avoiding cash payments.

During this period, our cancellation policy will be more flexible and, if you need to cancel your booking less than 15 days before your stay (always with a justifiable motive) instead of losing your deposit you will be offered an option of changing the dates of your booking.

We hope you are well,
and that we may see each other really soon!

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