Architectural heritage

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  • Date: 26 Nov 2019


Since Roman times La Cerdanya has been a strategic territory, along which travelled the Strata Ceretana that is known today as Camino de Santiago, main communication route between the fertile plain of Lleida and the natural pass into France. A land disputed by Barbarians, Saracens; and Carolingians during the 8th century, as well as the Cathar invasion at the end of the 12th century.

Hiking or biking in La Cerdanya means discovering the entire historical, architectural; and artistic heritage left here in different eras by many civilizations spanning from the Stone Age to the Romanesque, Barroque or Gothic and to present time. A very good excuse to discover this wide valley, its meadows, ancestral paths, medieval villages; and ancient manors now fallen into oblivion.

La Cerdanya’s Church Keys Itineraries

We recommend the La Cerdanya’s Church Keys itineraries, an activity organized by Patronat Comarcal de Turisme de Cerdanya. You will be able to visit the most iconic churches in the valley in the company of a guide specialized in Pyrenean heritage. In the Solana itinerary you will discover the Santa Maria d’All (Isòvol), Santa Maria de Quadres (Isòvol), Santa Cecília de Bolvir; and Sant Climent de Talltorta (Bolvir) churches; whereas the Obaga itinerary will take you to Santa Maria de Talló (Bellver de Cerdanya), Sant Julià de Pedra (Bellver de Cerdanya), Sant Joan Baptista de Riu de Cerdanya; and Sant Pere d’Alp. We have prepared a timetable with the itineraries and you can sign up in their website.