We always cook using fresh seasonal, organic, proximity foods; in order to boost local economy and reduce the carbon footprint. We work in a network with local small traditional producers, this is how we know the origin of every food we serve you, and each one has its story.

We enjoy it
when you eat here!

Free Breakfast!

When booking on our website you will get free breakfast every day!

It is a balanced, healthy breakfast to enjoy before going out on a walk, or bicycle route… if you come to relax, take all the time you need, we are not in a hurry today…

It includes coffee, tea or herbal tea; cow or oat milk; bread with tomato, fruit, cereal, extra virgin olive oil; all organic.

As well as cheese and butter from Cooperativa del Cadí, and local jams.

Oh! And our homemade, organic flour cookies, healthy and delicious!

Dinner at Cal Calsot

Dinner is optional at Cal Calsot, and the menu varies according to the season.

It consists of a starter, two main courses; and dessert. We have a wine list in which you may choose different organic wines and caves from Catalan PDOs (Protected designation of origin), craft beers, teas, herbal teas; or organic juices.

You will share the table with the other guests, turning dinner time into a moment of conversation and experience sharing; all the while you try local, organic, healthy products cooked with a lot of care.

Mind you, we are not a restaurant so we only cook for guests lodging in the house, we also will need to know if you are having dinner beforehand. And remember, on Sundays we do not offer dinners but we can recommend a restaurant in the area.

Some of our dishes


If you are planning to go hiking and spend the day outdoors, in Cal Calsot we offer the possibility to order an eco-picnic prepared with love and our sustainable philosophy.

Inclou una peça de fruita de temporada, un suc de fruita, fruits secs, un entrepà amb producte local (formatge, embotit o ous).

It includes a seasonal fruit, a fruit juice, nuts; and a local product sandwich (cheese, cold meat or eggs.) We use zero waste packaging: returnable and reusable.

We can also adapt the eco-picnic to a vegan option, or to food intolerances.

Avoid plastic bottles and cans!! Bring your canteen (for 0.50 € we will refill it with reverse osmosis water.)

What they say about us:

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Small Gestures to Reduce Our Environmental Impact

  • Cooking proximity, organic, seasonal fresh foods, in order to reduce CO2 emissions and improve local economy
  • Using titanium or iron pans, without Teflon, caring for human health
  • Cooking with reverse osmosis water
  • Prioritizing glass and avoiding single-use plastics in our containers
  • Reducing the waste volume we generate by using returnable containers, avoiding single-use packaging; and prioritizing products with minimal packaging
  • Eco-picnic with returnable and reusable packaging
  • Composting organic waste and recycling the rest
  • Cleaning products labelled European Ecolabel and Cruelty-free, guaranteed not harmful to the environment and human health; and no animal testing