One day, we decided to live far from the city, at a slower pace and in a more sustainable way. In 2012, we made our dream come true and started up Cal Calsot, a small eco-friendly rural accommodation located in Montellà, at the foot of the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park and the Pyrenees mountain range.

We are Lídia and Marc, and will be delighted to welcome you in our home.

We both have an artistic background and, after living in Barcelona for almost 20 years, we realised we needed something else.

Cal Calsot has given us the opportunity to begin a new life and create a project from scratch, closer to nature, at a slower pace, far from the city and the noise.

A project to fuel our creativity and to pass on our way of life, respectful of the environment and local culture.

Life project

A good friend partnered with us on this voyage and, between the three of us we managed to create the essence of Cal Calsot, the intangible something that becomes apparent in many of the details you will find when you visit our home.

We imagined our ideal rural house, listing all the things we like: nature, good cheese, good wine, conversation, reading, silent starry skies, pure air, snow, art, music, yoga; and hiking.

Cal Calsot has given us the chance to know people that are passionate about what they do: weavers, local craftsmen, cheesemakers, carpenters, potters, cattle breeders and farmers; and we involved them in our project. Behind every object or product there is a person and a story, and all of them help us make Cal Calsot the way we dreamt it.

Now, we live in a place we like and our dream has come true.
Would you like to share it?


Following the small road that climbs up to Montellà, and after one of the bends, you will be surprised by the north face of the imposing Cadí, the meadows before the village, with their cattle, pure air, our house…

We like looking after you and this is why we will welcome you upon your arrival, prepare breakfast, cook dinner with local, organic, healthy products; as well as recommending you where to go and what to do.

When entering the house we will change our shoes for something more comfortable.
During the winter the wood stove will be lit, and you can have an herbal tea.

By mild weather you can go out on the threshing floor and listen to the birdsong and the cowbells in the background.
And during the hotter months you can enjoy the Pyrenees’ fresh nights and starry skies.

We live in the same house, so if you need anything just knock.
However, if you are looking for intimacy you will not even know if we are there or not.

Take up that book, let the sun caress you, let time stop, leave stress behind; and slow down. We have Wi-Fi available but, if you dare, try to really get away.

When you leave you will have disconnected
and soon you’ll wish to come back!

Small gestures to reduce our environmental impact

  • Alterations that respected the building’s structure, restoring and whitewashing the original stone walls
  • Mineral paints and clean, healthy wood treatments
  • Natural materials like wood and stone; or wool, cotton, and flax for textiles
  • Biodegradable cork-sheet thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Green energy supply by Somenergia cooperative
  • Promoting public transportation. If you arrive by train, bus, or if you travel on foot, on horseback or cycling we offer a discount! (provided you book directly with us)
  • Collaboration with social integration business projects giving jobs to disadvantaged groups, such as Cooperativa Nougrapats’ laundry, in la Seu d’Urgell, or the textile company Teixidors, in Terrassa